maandag 15 oktober 2012

WIP Work In Progress : 

Hi all, some of you know that I have been working really hard in a new painting called "My Home Gone". I would like to share with you now its process. I spent a lot of time doing research before  the first pencil sketches. Most of the elements are from own imagination, obviously I went through a length of reference material (photos,drawings, videos, etc)  and anatomic and structural studies to draw the elements from of trees, animals,tractor, pyramid, to plants....yes that means not tracing photos. What I always try to do is memorize the element (its 3d form, textures and colors) and move it around in my head in the position I want it for the scene. In some cases I used a toy model (jaguar mother) but because the model was not in the position I wanted I had to reflect the model in my head, adjust the head and body and fix that image in my mind and then draw it from there. In the case of the Mayan aborigen I looked a lot of true mayan people from Central America, also see over and over the movie "Apocalipto" and finally took pictures of  myself for anatomic accuracy but obviously that final figure is not me (I dont have that conan look).

An extensive attention was put into perspective, proportions, and composition, specially the organic flow  (dynamics and rhythm) of center of attention. The big risk is accuracy, though hyperralistic painting are very accurate (and difficult to accomplish) the drawing, lighting and colour mapping is already there, when you draw and paint something that you are not seen then that's is a big challenge, specially the lighting. 

Beside been inspired by the obvious: the painting's theme, I wanted to study the techniques of the old masters from the Renaissance to modern day masters. So for this painting I am going using many layers.

After the drawing was transfer to the linen I carefully sculpt using a special mix (primer + marble dust) those elements were I wanted to increase the 3d feeling. After that I redraw the carbon lines with Pen&Ink drawing on the linen canvas. 

Lessons Learnt: 
1. Don't use black ink, instead use different grades of sepia. Reason: It is really hard to cover them if you want to use transparent layers especially in the light values.
2. Though sculpt those figures was fun and set the figures in true relief I am not going to use this technique anymore the Trompe-l'oeil has to come from the Chiaroscuro.

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