dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

Here is the Color Layer 1.

It has been a long journey and now the painting is starting to come alive. Now I have to work on the people, some textures, the snake, the water and other special effects.
I am using W&N Artisan color tubes but I am starting to use the Cobra brand too. W&N colors are rich and intensive but the Cobra are more fatty and dry slower. I use red sables and mongoose ones. I hope the companies making these brushes are treating these animals well. Watermixable oils are really a challenge they dry really fast compare to real oils, but I was so happy not to use turpentine and harmul cleaning stuff anymore. I had to research a lot this type of oil in other to handle it well.

For the color layer I have to spend lot time studying modern and old masters technique. In this voyage I came to the discovery of the work of great painters that at my university studies were neglected and ignored. In the 80's if you were not doing abstract concept expressionist you were not a good painter. So ironic that now Realism and Craftsmanship is a hip in the Contemporary Movement were groups like Stuckism International which promote the figurative and representational style and against the destructive Dada anti-art movement that damaged a lot the craftsmanship and produced as a result meaningless monetary commodities like the ones showed by the Young British Artist Group. The cause of the Suckism is plausible but looking to their work I generally see no craft in their members so it falls sometimes into Naïve Art. My proposal is not new Dali started the hole thing back them, but somewhere he went totally nuts. That is where the illustration guys doing fantatisc art came to rescue, putting craftsmanship of the old masters back on the table put given the painting a concept, a meaning, and usually a message and some of them even they acomplish the difficult task of telling a story in on single frame. But a meaning with a strong statement and dramatism, as Michelangelo, Dore, Rembrant, Van Gogh, Goya, Caravaggio, Bierstadt, Frazetta, Tobey and others gave to their work.

So in this matter I had to study the work of the best of the best for me in (just a few, the list is big)

Landscape: (Courbet, Monet, Manet, Hudson River School, Calame, Mostead,de Haes,  Shishkin-Sarasov-Repin-Levitan, Schmid, Polenov,  Vreedenburgh, Van Gogh, etc

Wildlife: Bateman, Hunt, Marris, Jarvi, Frace, Kuhnert, Coheleach, McGuire, Lester, Baughan, Norton, Hillier, Combes, Lyman, Livingston, Poortvliet, etc.

Figure: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Vazquez, Murillo, Rembrant, Vermeer, Snijders,  Zorn, Bouguereau,Sargent,Lecomte, Gérôme, Louis David, Delacroix, Manet, Bonnat, Cot, Gericault,Terpning, Crowley etc.

 Stilllife: van Huysum, Helmantel,Verkaaik, etc.

Storytelling and Illustration: Dore, Booth,  Dali, Goya, St. John, Pale, Poortvliet, Escher, Wyeth, Frazetta, Spitzweg, Berkey, Tobey, Vibert, Wrightson, Lee, Hogarth, Manchess, Foster, Gurney, Jones, Schultz, Moebius,  Rockwell, McCay, Burian, etc

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